Silver Alert Canada

Advocating for a National Silver Alert strategy for all Canadians

60% of people with Alzheimer's will wander - help us find them

What is Silver Alert?


Silver Alert is a public notification system to help quickly find seniors who wander because of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.  A Silver Alert would provide information to media outlets and/or activate an emergency alert system through law enforcement agencies.

Why Silver Alert?


60 % of people with Alzheimer's will wander at least once during their disease.   Wandering is common as the disease progresses, they no longer recognize familiar places and have difficulty communicating or remembering  their name and address. 

How Can I Help?


Start talking about wandering prevention programs with your family and loved ones.  Silver Alerts are only part of the solution. There are many programs offered by seniors' organizations and governments to help prevent wandering.  We strongly believe prevention programs including locating devices and registry programs are lifesaving.